The Marmora

David Gray died at sea whilst sailing on the Marmora. The records state he drowned on the 7th November 1855. Here is a brief history of the ship from the records available in Dundee Registration of Shipping. The background shows Dundee harbour around 1888.

Official ship number : 7250
Number of decks: One plus break deck
Number of masts: 3
Rigging: Barque
Stern: Square
Built: Carvel
Gallery: Nil
Head: Woman figure
Framework: Wood
Sailing ship, built: Dundee on 26th October 1855
Length: 137ft
Breadth: 26ft
Depth: 16ft
Tonnage: 353, Tonnage Deck Break :10, Total 363


Wm M Paton of Dundee  Merchant
Robert Fleming of Dundee  Merchant
David McKenzie of Dundee  Ship Owner
Thomas Lyell of Dundee  Master Mariner
Horatio Edwards of London  Master Mariner

Other Notable Events

  • Dundee barque mutiny, Grimsby 1872
'Dundee barque Marmora put into Grimsby, March 1872. Mutinous crew, complained vessel not seaworthy. Surveyor ruled she was ok, half inch an hour leak. Sentence 30 days, alternative of returning to ship.'
  • Wrecked
'Marmora barque 304 Brown 1855 Dundee, sold to foreign owner. Wrecked off coast of Portcawl, Wales, April 12 1881.'
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